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What is your favorite vacation that you have ever taken? Are you one that loves to go to Disneyland? Do you love standing in lines and all of the fun rides? Maybe you love being able to eat out the whole time. Then there are others that love site seeing and traveling across the country. Maybe you are one that loves to see different history sites. Are you one that loves to camp and rough it? Then there are those that love the magic of a cruise. They might love being out on the water and having the ability to enjoy all that a normal city contains.

Then there are those that have discovered a whole different type of vacation. They have found that going with a vacation rental is the way to go. You might be wondering what is so great about this type of a vacation over Disneyland or a cruise. There are several different vacation rentals across the United States, but over all there are several things that you will find pretty similar.

One of the main things is that it is a place that can be for you and your family and you don’t have to feel like you are in a hotel setting. You can rent a place that is fully equipped with all of the basic things that you would need to feel at home. It could be television, air conditioner, kitchen with all of the appliances that you need to prepare a home cooked meal. It gives you the feeling of being at home, but with the luxury of being away from the doorbell ringing and the phone ringing.

On top of the comfort of a home feeling while you are on vacation there are often times many more amenities to enjoy. With some vacation rentals you will be able to enjoy a swimming pool or big lawn areas to play and other outdoor activities. Not only are there outdoor activities, but you will often find game areas for the family to gather and play. With some places you can have access to a lake that provides for several different kinds of activities. You can go boating, fishing, skiing and laying out in the sun. The view of a sunrise or sunset from the deck of the place you are staying is unforgettable.

Instead of the craziness of lines at Disneyland or spending lots of money eating out you will find that it can be just as magical and less expensive at a vacation rental.

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