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Hyderabad hotels are known for their richness and since the city is a popular tourist destination they provide too many natives from different societies. There are many lavishness hotels, boutique hotels, heritage hotels and Budget Hotels in Hyderabad. There are hotels in the magnificence range that provide very good services for normal tourists and travelers. Air conditioning is a necessity in Hyderabad, and hotels should contain good air conditioning.

Most of the Hotels in Hyderabad are located in central region of the Hyderabad, which makes a tourist easily cordial to the railway station, bus terminus and airport in Hyderabad. These hotels provide fully furnished rooms along with drudgery car parks. Hyderabad city is called as the historical old city. The Old City is the lodging to the Charminar and the Mecca Masjid.The former city or regal splendor has developed to be a major heart of information technology industry in the country and also boast of an extremely advanced tourism communications catering to the needs of group of travelers visiting the city each year.

Most of the hotels in Hyderabad offer special amenities for business purposes like conference, meetings and private ceremonies as well. Classy interiors and technological assistants, like audio video system, projectors etc., make this hotel an ideal place to execute your business requirements. Hence, it’s just up to you to choose the hotel calculating the amount you want to spend on it. Furthermore, hotels which are situated in costly areas of Hyderabad will cost you more compared to the hotels which are in economic areas and roads.

Luxury hotels in Hyderabad are famous for their global range of cuisine such as Chinese, Continental, Indonesian, Japanese, That and many others. specialized staff and trained chefs cater to every type of vacationer in these 5 star hotels. They also serve traditional Indian and Andhra cuisine. In fact, this can be planned along with the travel plan with the tour plan widget we have. Most hotels have a shopping complex inside the hotel complex itself.

In order to cater to business travelers, hotels offer business centers and consultation halls as well. It has everything including hotel booking, and cost involved for each item separately and discount plan from the hotel in case of a conference etc.

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Wildlife Resorts in Central India

Article by Lopita Banerjee

The black soil of the Vindya, Satpura, Maikal and Aravali mountain ranges in Central India are conducive to the thriving of a diverse variety of flora and fauna. Most of the popular national parks and wildlife sanctuaries are located in Central India. Close to these natural habitats of wild denizens, you will find a wide array of wildlife resorts in Central India.

While speaking of wildlife tours in India, the first name that comes to our mind is that of the Bandhavgarh National Park in Madhya Pradesh. One of the most sought-after national parks in India, Bandhavgarh is home to tigers. Bandhavgarh served as a hunting ground for the royal aristocrats in earlier times. The Rewa royal aristocracy looked after the maintenance of the area. But later on it was completely neglected after that. In the year 1968, it became a national park to curtail poaching in the area.

With a substantial population of tigers, Bandhavgarh came under Project Tiger in the year 1993. It was recognized as a national park in 1968. Bandhavgarh National Park covers an area of 448 sq. km. If you want to see the royal Bengal tiger, bison, Sambar, Leopard, gaur or Hyena, the Bandhavgarh National Park is the best place for you. You will also get to see 250 colorful species of birds here. A rocky terrain, rich vegetation including Sal and deciduous trees and swirling streams make the national park an ideal habitat for the wild denizens. The national park is best visited during the months of November and June.
If you are thinking about the best accommodation options in the area, you will have a long list to explore. You can browse through sites for hotel booking worldwide and know about the choice of excellent wildlife resorts in Central India. Get to know about the lodging facilities and services available from online hotel booking websites. Bandhavgarh Jungle Lodge, Mahua Kothi Resort, Tiger Den Resort, Nature Heritage Resort, Maharaja Royal Retreat Resort, Resort Camp Mewar and Tiger Trails Safari Lodge are some of the best resorts in and near Bandhavgarh National Park and widely known wildlife resorts in central India. You can also go in for some of the exciting tour packages available online, such as Tiger Safari India, Tiger Tour of North India, Taj and Tiger Tour of India, Wild Encounter Tour and others.

Apart from the Bandhavgarh National Park, the Kanha National Park boasts to be one of the famous wildlife resorts in Central India. Situated in Madhya Pradesh, Kanha National Park is regarded as the biggest of the oldest tiger reserves. If you are wondering about the best elephant safaris across India, Kanha National Park is the best place to embark on exciting elephant safaris.

Kanha National Park was recognized as a tiger reserve twenty years after its Establishment in the year 1955. The landscape is a mix of Deciduous and Sal trees. Then natural vegetation serves as the best shelter for wild animals such as Barasingha, nilgai, porcupine, python, jungle fowl, kingfishers, teals, woodpeckers, mouse deer, peafowl, sloth bear and sambhar. A wide range of luxury and cheap hotels are located within the national park or at close proximity to help you get the best wildlife experience. Some of the finest India hotels, tourist lodges and wildlife resorts here include Kanha Junlge Lodge, Krishna Jungle Resort, Tuli Tiger Resort Kipling Camp, Mogli Resort Wild Chalet Resort and Tiger Land Resort Royal Tiger Resort. If you want to get the best discounts on the hotel amenities, just refer to discount hotel booking.

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Family Resort In India… Future Perfect

Article by Mastufa

Family resorts have come of age meant to please the entire family with myriad of activities that one simply dreams of. Many family resorts have sprung up keeping in mind the extent one can be thrilled of. Similarly travelers and rovers across the world rightly knew to spot the hot family resort in their desired destinations. Given the scale of comforts and whole lot of activities in easy reach out, family resorts witness multitude of visitors round the year. One can easily obviate his or her lust of exploring and experimenting with things being in a state-of-the-art family resort. The sizzling activities like swimming with dolphins, circus clown training and even creeping in trees just hover over your head as you get in to a family resort. Resorts are fraught with fun that makes millions run and go, that rejuvenate travelers and make them stage an energized get-back-to-work.
What add to the grandeur of resort is a wistful ambience that bends on marriage ceremonies and family meetings. A homely atmosphere, thrilling design and d├ęcor everywhere render the visitors enjoy and relax like never before. Being mostly nestled in idyllic locales with all-inclusive family elements, resort seems to be the all-in-one destinations. As the resort has gained never-before popularity over the years, travelers and visitors tend to decipher among numbers of resorts as per their comfort zone. Resort very much retains its cozy charm no matter how different a particular resort is. Location and culture are two important indexes as far as family resorts are concerned.
Some of India’s finest holiday resorts include the Orange County Resort and Vythiri Family Resort in Kerala, Infinity resorts in Uttaranchal, Riverok Villas in Rajasthan etc. Sparsely located by the Himalayan kingdom are some of the fascinating family resorts of the country. The gamut of activities incorporates cross-country hikes, bird watching, spa, swimming pools, skiing etc. Above all, it’s the comfort and charm level that determines the highness of a resort especially family resort.

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